So I’m really into old movie theaters lately, so you might see a few more of these posts. This one is more about sentimental value though, I have good memories of watching movies there with my dad…. Muppets Treasure Island anyone?

This is the Astoria Theater, but you might know it better these days as the corner where NY sports club and duane reade are located on Steinway street.

It opened up in November 1920 as a vaudeville theater but shortly after became part of the Loews theater chain. A lot of stars actually came to the theater on promotional tours, including Judy Garland and the Three Stooges. It closed on December 26, 2001, possibly due to the new Kaufman regal that opened up around that time.

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    Unfortunately, I never got to show my Husband my childhood theater but it use to be here.
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    Hometown pride
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    A significant number of flicks were consumed there during my childhood. It was a massive place with tickets sold in...
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    that’s where i live!!
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    mayie’s store!!
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    That’s my gym!
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    Ah ha! I figured that building used to be a theater. I go to the NYSC and Duane Reade there all the time, but I think I...
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